Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Power of Advertising and How it Can Go ALL Wrong

In Richard Connells' "All Wrong" a young man by the name of T.D. A. Marchbanks was visiting his Uncle in New York City for the very first time. Unfortunately, after his uncle had picked him up he had to run back to work so he would not get in trouble. He explains to Marchbanks that after he is done at the Custom House to take the Subway to Columbia University where he can meet him there. Amazingly, when Marchbanks gets on the subway he is scared to look around so he reads the numerous advertisements posted in the train. By the time he reads all of the advertisements he feels that all of these advertisements are true and happening to him simultaneously. So he becomes nervous and sick getting off the subway at Columbia University. It is there where he sees his last advertisement and the rest of his life flash away as he collapses and dies. Whats amazing about Connells' short story is the rate of advertising that was being done in the city and how overwhelming it could be for a man who has never seen it. Marchbanks actually felt that he was sick, losing his teeth, and had an pneumonia because of these advertisements because nobody had ever explained that they were just trying to persuade you to buy their products. Ultimately, Connels article depicts the power of the mass media and advertising business. It displays how a few advertisements and the sheer power of imagery can bring a man to his downfall.


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