Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Chapter Five The First Wire.

As the 1840's arised , more and more changes in technology began to arise. One reason for these changes was the creation of the telegraph. According to Paul Starr's "The Creation Of Media" "The Telegraph inaugurated a new phase in the history of communications, the rise of modern technological networks, and precipitated divergent national decision about the role of the state that outlasted the telegraph itself" (Starr, pg 153). The Telegraph provided faster connections for people in society everywhere. The Telegraph had a very important role in the business sector of America. What is interesting about the telegraph is that it was the America's first national monopoly, The Telegraph is referred to as the first electrical communications network."At the time the telegraph and telephone was introduced contemporary observers attributed to them vast social and economic effects and historians have tendedto do the same, often suggesting that the modern communications revolution begins with the telegraph"(Starr pg 154). According to Paul Starr it is evident that the telegraph began the communications Revelation. I can agree with this statement. i believe that the telegraph was a great emergence of communication. it enabled individuals to communicate in a more direct way, which is very beneficial when it comes to transferring data or news from one person to another.


At 10:17 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

Yes the modern communications revolution begins with the telegraph. Why did this industry become a monopoly? What advantages did a monopoly have? Why did some see this as a threat to democracy?


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