Monday, April 02, 2007

Chapter 2 New Foundartions

"By the early 1800's European visitors to the United States were struck by the abundance of communications circulating among ordinary Americans. Newspapers were more common in America than anywhere else, even small towns and villages often had their own printers and newspapers" (Starr pg 48) The Creation of the Newspaper was a serious innovation that circulated throughout many towns in the United States. The spread of the newspaper was one that was quick. In my opinion the advances in newspaper print influenced other forms of communication to rise, one of these things was the postal system. The postal system was an essential part of communications for all during the 17th and 18th centuries. Like the newspaper, the postal system informed people about things they needed to know, especially by their loved ones. Although America and Europe was experiencing the great technological advances in the communication realm through newspapers and postal systems, there were still certain areas that weren't as lucky. One of these areas was Canada. Canada was not as advanced in technology. "Just across the Great Lakes in what was still British North America, postal service was limited, newspapers were scarce, schools were few. Canadian stemmed partly from varying cultural and colonial heritages".(Starr pg 49)