Monday, April 02, 2007

Chapter One "Early Modern Origins"

According to Paul Starr's " The Creation of Media" communications experienced s radical transformation during the seventeenth and eighteenth century. This radical transformation was greatly due to the fact that an advance in printing technology was emerging. " The market for print expanded , and the law of intellectual property began to take its modern shape. Most important out of these developments a new sphere of public information , public debate and public opinion emerged." (Starr pg 23). According to the quote presented above from Starr's book, Printing was a serious technological advance that all citizens in Europe and America experienced. printing caused the lives of many in society to advance. This from of communication allowed many to retrieve important information about their societies. They received this information through newspapers. "The advent of printing around 1450 is the paradigmatic example of change in information technology, yet it was equally a change in economic organization". (Starr pg 25) This quote above clearly states the fact surrounding the truth of how the movement of information technology changed many aspects in society for the better, especially in the economic sphere. The rise of print in America and Europe is truly a movement with some true importance in the development of the history of communication in our world.


At 10:10 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

Yes, Printing is an important development in world history. You have mentioned an important point: the revolution in information technology "was equally a change in economic organization." Doe the current transformation of information technology also reflect a change in economic organization as well?


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