Monday, April 13, 2009

"The One Paper Town"

In 1950 was the the result of the The New York Sun being completely finished. When the New York Sun went under it resulted in twelve hundred newspaper workers without a job. Something this large was not only just a local concern but, it became an acutal social concern as well. The people that rely on the daily newspaper for work would need to know that it is becoming a shrinking profession. Gerald stated that "News is rapidly assuming the status of water, communication, and electricity". However, if you need to supply it this causes an increasing capital investment. It may come through so many daily activities such as newspapers, radio, television, and also through the movies. The cause of this will involve a large employment rate for thousands of men, however only for the capitalists, usually that form with well known corporations.
As the daily newspapers rapidly decreased, there were fewer positions to be filled. The good editorial writers, with the opinions will become restricted of their independence and will be replaced with a smart, intelligent, alert and a well informed men.
As you can see, the money is being pulled in for that certain group of people, and leaving the little people behind. Gerald tries to send a message out to the reader telling them that even though the opinions have been removed, they still need to make a way out to hear the true intelligence.

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At 9:49 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post. The fear of the "one paper town" was a bit premature in 1950. But today we have reached it. More newspapers are stopping the presses and moving online. Does the internet solve the problem of the "one paper town"?


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