Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Chapter five " The first wire" was one of the greatest inventions in the History of the United States. All Americans best experiences are helped and published to the public by our greatest Electrical devices.The Telephone is the best original way to contact someone. By telephone u can reach who ever you desire, plus people who are unemployeed or do not have a chance to reach a business phone, now can have the same chance out of there homes. Where as the telegraph only benefits the bisiness class. People who dont came jobs could ever get a job, because they had no way to be contacted.
The railroad was the next great invention, because it gave people the opportunity to travel. This way people can a have a chance to travel or move their families in to a better envirnment. Also railroads gave unemployeed works, some work. The government kind of had too much control when using the telegraph. Depending on where you needed to send certain items, you would need permission from france to send something, and this was even after Europe had opened the government to more public use of the telegraph. I believe all the inventions was very helpful to the United states and all the inventers did a great job.


At 11:55 AM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

You are trying to cover a lot of ground here. Narrow your focus to one key point about the telgraph, or the telephone, or the railroad. What is the role of government in the development of the telegraph?

Start with a key quotation from the text.


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