Thursday, February 12, 2009

Early Informative Systems

Today’s America is usually compared to other countries and their systems. Past America was also compared to countries because of our information delivery system. I find it interesting that even though the United States wasn’t the first to use such informative subjects, it excelled more than other nations in with its use of the Post Office and Newspapers.

Some countries, like Great Britain, used taxes and high prices to keep the purchase and shipment of such information in the hands of the wealthy (sound familiar?). While the United States, on the other hand, exercised the use of a free expanding Post Office system, also including the shipment of newspapers in the mailing system as well. Starr mentions that the United States Government also tried influence the production of information towards specific outlets, (ex. rich/poor, different political supporters) after stating the non-involvement of government is such businesses. Eventually the freedom and availability of these informative outlets were addressed.

I also find it interesting that, like today, a major portion of revenue from newspapers was from advertisements. I always thought that these early newspapers held more information than advertisements, then needed more money to keep business running.


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