Thursday, February 19, 2009

Early Gossip Columns

In the 1830's news was becoming more popular. The demand for sensational stories grew as the Industrial Revolution progressed.

The Sun was a cheap, and easy way for people to get the news that they wanted. It was published in New York in the 1830's, the publisher of The Sun wrote that the mission of their publication was to give everyone the news of the day at an affordable price. The wide audience demanded different kind of news. So, they began printing stories that were entertaining. "Sensational news of crime, violence, and tragic death, as well as exotic stories of adventure..."

The article titled: POLICE OFFICE--(YESTERDAY) a good example of the kind of news people craved. "Gossip News" different from the gossip magazines that we all read and enjoy today. In this article we are introduced to 3-4 different characters, all amusing in their own ways. The last character we can observe is upset that his indiscretions were published in The Sun. But, the paper defended their right to free speech and freedom press. Just as we still stress that same issue now.

These stories are so reminiscent of modern day entertainment...Gossip News...Gossip Columns...even on the Internet, at sites such as TMZ. That allow us into the lives of people that we would probably never meet in person. That's the genius behind the gossip news.


At 12:34 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good connection between the gossip press of today and the popular press of the 19th century.

Gossip is something that has deep roots in human culture. Is this need for gossip a demand for information that is just a part of being human? What part did this desire for gossip play in the emergence of a mass circulation press? Was there something going on in the 1830's that was increasing the demand (market) for gossip news?


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