Thursday, April 03, 2008

House of Dreams

House of Dreams
"The theater becomes to them a "veritable house of dreams" infinitely more real than the noisy streets and the crowded factories"
The ability to dream or to fantasize, to indulge in fantasies of the imagination, or imagine something as a fantasy. One of the greatest powers to appear is the children's capacity for imagination. It definitely allows children and even adults the ability to forget about everyday troubles and difficulties and to aspire for great things.
These children of this time, were overworked and culturally stagnant. Their everyday lives were not what a child should have to endure. They had tremendous responsibilities to their families and communities to make money to survive. The theater gave them a little piece of hope and possibility. I however feel sad that these children basically would beg, borrow or steal to escape their everyday lives, for just a short peek.
I believe the theater has a positive impact on children. It shows children they can dream and aspire for great things to come. Parents who have financial resources should culturally educate their children by attending the theater as much as possible. "We can all recall our own moments of revolt against life's actualities".....If we as parents educate the children of today that culture of theater is great for their development, you never know what they will grow up to be.


At 8:20 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good, thoughtful post.

Jane Addams is referring to the popular theater of the day, magic lantern shows and the nickelodeons. This popular theater was filled with melodrama, romance, tales of crime and the city. From a middle class perspective, it was immoral and dangerous excitement with few redeeming characteristics.


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