Thursday, February 14, 2008

Star Chapter 3-If the Goverment only knew? Our Postal system how powerful it has become...

Starr Chapter 3 pg 94
Starr write's, "Previous political thinkers had not imagined that a large republic could survive partly because they had not foreseen how improved communication could maintain a vital connection between representatives and their constituents. They had not understood how new institutions (even without new technologies) could create publics larger than face to face communities. Nor had they anticipated the new rules of knowledge that a republic might establish-the new commitments about what the government would make public and what people could keep private"
Today our government needs to protect Americans from brutal attacks which are planned overseas and being implemented against our people here at home. Our government's ability to obtain information is powerful and vital in protecting the United States. If our government made all information passed through our communication systems public, our country would be at great risk.
The postal service had developed so rapidly over the years, that now compared to the 16th and 17th centuries our communication systems are astonishingly hi-tech and advanced. The political brains of these centurions, who didnt know at the time, their development of political communication through the postal service, has helped the United States to develop laws and strategies that are vital in protecting the people of the United States. They have given people ability to send messages and communicate with people all over the world. They succeeded, it developed into both private and public.
The debate "public or private", our postal system which was created so many years ago for so many different reasons by our government, has turned into a method of communication whether private or public that has made our country grow into the most powerful country ever!!


At 11:29 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A very good post, but you really have two topics here which could be broken up into two posts.

An open system of communications, a vibrant public sphere is the foundation of democracy. Should the security conerns of the War on Terror override our civil liberties until the crisis has passed? Will it ever pass?


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