Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Police Office - (Yesterday)

Senator Larry Craig arrested for soliciting sex in a public bathroom.

"The press here, thank God is free. The people also, are free; and we the people are the creators and the sovereigns of all courts, all migistrates, and all laws. We have made, and can unmake them at pleasure. And wo betide the man who dares to intefere with rights so sacred as those which we now do, and ever will enjoy."

Police Yesterday focuses on the issue of allowing the press to print derrogative information on people of high political status because it will tarnish their reputation or unmask personal information about them in a damaging way. These articles of police record were printed in the 19th century in the newspaper called the Sun which depicted people in all uncomfortable situations which they have been "committed". Published police reports have served and proved to be beneficial in keeping the crime rate down and most helpful in managing public peace. The writers of these articles feel that the public deserves the right to know what is happening around their communities and with whom they are happening with, whether or not it involves a high statured individual or not.

In addition, these writers argue the importance of freedom of the press and how it has been able to help "diminish the amount of crime and the number of criminals". They feel the public has a right to know and should support the press and what they are trying to convey to their people t "it is our consitutional right."

"But if it is determined to prevent the publication of such report, the authors of that prevention will feel the vengeance of pens that will scorch like the lightnings, and blast like the thunderbolts of heaven." July 29, 1834 The Sun. This is a tough debate to side with. I do believe that writers have a right to their opinion, but again at what cost should they be allowed to ruin peoples lives, especially since everyone is entitled to make mistakes!!!


At 3:46 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A an interesting post. Good discussion of the issues.

The Sun editorial on the importance of publishing police reports is answering the critics who felt, as you do, that ruining reputations was wrong.

The editor defends the practice saying that exposing vice and corruption is a key role for the newspaper in a democracy. Police reports fight crime is the argument. That may be true, but sensation stories of crime and vice also sell papers. Which is the primary motive?


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