Thursday, January 31, 2008

Changes in Design

“ Early choices bias later ones and may lead
institutions along a distinctive path of development, affection a society’s role and position in the world.

--Paul Starr, Introduction, Creation of the Media, p.2

We see inventions develop as time progresses. New designs emerge from old ones, and oftentimes the old models are forgotten. There are many products that used to look one way and change with the time. New ideas have been cultivated and sleeker, more modern designs are used.
The television is a wonderful example of this type of innovation. Televisions were first made to resemble a piece of furniture that a person in the late 19th century would want in their living room. This innovative idea has now evolved into the large flat screen televisions that can hang from the wall or build into our bedroom ceiling today!

“Things that work satisfactorily come to be thought of as right.”
-- Paul Starr, Introduction, Creation of the Media, p.5

We begin to look at the way things were initially invented and notice that they are evolving as time progresses. Technologies we see today were intended to be used for one purpose. However now-a-days the uses of products are also evolving. For example we can now use our phones to watch television!

I look forward to reading Starr text which I expect will touch upon the historical uprising of inventions. It will be amazing to look at how far we have come with the new creative ideas, considering the way that it all began.


At 10:29 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A good post. You chose two key short quotes.

Previous development shapes the possible choices to come.

Often a new medium must begin by making itself acceptable, by modeling itself on the previous generation of media technolgies.


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