Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Class Schedule 2/20-3/13

Revised Class Schedule

Tu. 2/20
Public Knowledge: The Post, The Press & the Public School

Starr, chapter 3: “America’s First Information Revolution.”

Th. 2/22 & Tu. 2/27
Newspapers for a New Nation: The Penny Press in the City

Starr, chapter 4: “Capitalism and Democracy in Print,”
Excerpts from The Sun, 1834:
“Life of a Newspaper—[By itself.—]” “A Cannibal Feast,”
“Police Office—(Yesterday.)” & “Great Astronomical Discoveries,”
Frank M. O’Brian, “Richard Adams Locke’s Moon Hoax,” 1928.
P.T. Barnum, “Printed Circular Letter,” 1850.

Tuesday February 27: First written assignment due in class.

Th. 3/1 & Tu. 3/6
What Hath God Wrought? Westward Expansion & the Telegraph

Starr, chapter 5: “The First Wire.”
Starr, chapter 6: “New Connections: Telephone, Cable, and Wireless.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes, “Bread and the Newspaper,” 1861.
Booker T. Washington, “The Grape-vine Telegraph,” 1901.
Eric Hobsbaum, “The World Unified,”
Daniel Czitrom, “‘Lightning Lines’ and the Birth of Modern Communication, 1838-1900.”

Th. 3/8 &Tu. 3/13
Photography & the Civil War

“Use of the Camera Obscura,” Glasgow Mechanics Magazine, 1824.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, “The Stereoscope and the Stereograph,” 1854.
Charles Baudelaire, “The Modern Public and Photography,” 1859.
“The Pernicious Picture Post Card,” Atlantic Monthly, 1906.


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