Thursday, February 05, 2009

Public vs Priviate

" What is this new public sphere? Part of the difficulty in defining it lies in ambiguity of the word "public." In one sense, public is to private is open is to closed, as when we speak of making something public. In another sense , public is to private as whole is to part, as when we speak of the public health or public interest, meaning the health or interest of the whole." When referring to the media as public, it means it is out there for the people to see. Before the invention of the printing press information given to the people could only get so far. Letters, and hand written books were basically the only means for people to transfer the information that people wanted to share. By inventing the printing press it allowed the information to be put out to more people. More people were able to read what was going on and the ability of the information would get spread out more. This was a development in the way communication was being transformed from one person to another. I feel as if Starr, felt by this transformation readers would be able to be more up to date on certain things, because they all could be reading it at the same time. In the earlier days before the printing press one person could know a whole year before another person found out. To me this was a great accomplishment in the beginning of time, which lead to greater developments in communication.


At 11:35 PM, Blogger A. Mattson said...

A substantial post. Cite the source of your quote clearly (in addition to the quotation marks.) Also use paragraphs as well. Don't just write a long block of text.

Starr's use of the concept of the "public sphere" is a crucial point. Understanding how printing makes an extensive public sphere possible is a crucial point. It is also important to see that it is not just technology that facilitated the expansion of the reading public. As Starr points out politics, culture and the emergence of market society are also important.


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