Monday, March 12, 2007


Early Model of a Fire Engine

"As an invention, the telephone oringinated in an effort to improve and extend the telegraphs not to replace it. During the 1860's telegraph inventors and promoters pursued several different avenues for profitable innovation, including a variety of devices for local telegraph services. As early as 1851, two inventors in Boston had devised and installed the first fire alarm telegraph and by the 1870's nearly eighty other cities had done the same. Beginning in 1871, "district telegraph" companies began installing signal boxes in homes and offices, enabling customers to press a key or turn a dial to signal a central district."

This is the begining of a world dominated by technology. These were solutions to so many problems in communication, spread of news, methods of transportation and of course methods of communication.


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A good quote, but your comment is too general, too vague and too short.


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