Thursday, February 08, 2007

Class Schedule: 2/1 -- 2/15

Th. 2/1, Tu. 2/6 & Th. 2/8
The Word: Printing & Power in Early Modern Europe
Starr, chapter 1: “Early Modern Origins.”
Marcel Thomas, “Manuscripts,”
Elizabeth Eisenstein, “The Rise of the Reading Public,”
Harvey J. Graff, “Early Modern Literacies,”
John B. Thompson, “The Trade in News,”

Tu. 2/13
Revolution in Print: From Colonial Rebellion to the Constitution of a New Republic
Starr, chapter 2: “New Foundations.”
Benjamin Franklin, “The Way to Wealth,” “Reprieve for Jemmy and James,” & “Apology for Printers,”

Th. 2/15
Public Knowledge: The Post, The Press & the Public School
Starr, chapter 3: “America’s First Information Revolution.”


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